CNC equipment manufacturing industry has become the industry leader in China

CNC machine tool industry in recent years of rapid development, has played a pivotal role in China's industrial economic development, especially the rapid rise of CNC equipment manufacturing industry, to enhance the country's overall economic strength of our country, and is also an important manifestation of the new logo.

In an important stage of industrialization in China, the international financial crisis continued fermentation period, the machine tool industry must truly change the development mode, complete the two historical mission: the first is to cultivate a strong capability of independent innovation, and the second is to develop a globally competitive leader enterprise.

Located in low-end chain of high consumption and low income growth, high emissions, for China has come to an end, low-cost advantages gradually weakened, while new comparative advantage has emerged, China has entered the innovation activities active period. In 2006, the Central Committee building an innovative country's grand strategy, and now the effect of these policy measures begin to be felt, innovation activities increasingly active. There are indications that China's innovation resources mature, entered the active phase of technological innovation activities in some areas has come to imitate the track by the technical steering mainly rely on independent innovation and development, and then in the industrial development of the commanding heights of global challenges. By the conditions of a technology consumer country into a technological innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate a batch of globally competitive companies and enterprise groups, to further improve the country's competitiveness.