Common reasons for CNC machine tools mechanical failure

CNC machine tools common mechanical cause of the problem: CNC machine tools common failure, mechanical failure often have obvious characteristics.

1, spindle orientation position are not allowed, but the machine did not alarm. Possible Cause: Because today's machine tool spindle encoder orientation generally use directional mode, the spindle and the spindle motor 1: 1 link, the direct use of the built-in motor encoder orientation. Therefore, this situation must be part of a mechanical coupling problem!

2, positioning accuracy is good and bad, the machine does not alarm: Possible causes: mechanical transmission chain coupled bad. Such as loose coupling.

3. Machine overload: often overcurrent alarm, motor heat anomaly. Possible causes: poor mechanical assembly, resulting in heavy mechanical loads. For new design tools, small servo motor selection will appear this phenomenon. In addition, the servo parameter setting error will be out this alarm.