How to distinguish wood engraving machine

Woodworking engraving machine as though fully automated machining equipment, but it is also related to the need to complete the automated control of the production process. Learn CNC woodworking engraving machine friends all know, engraving machine control, there are two main methods, one is by the DSP handle control system, there is a computer-controlled system that Weihong control system software. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, according to the daily customers processing methods and processing technology, choose more suitable for their own control.

Wood engraving machine handle control system advantage is saving space, without taking the computer; drawback is relatively cumbersome to operate, after all, all functions are set on a control panel, unskilled operators can easily press the wrong key.

Wood engraving machine computer control system advantage is that you can preview the effect of processing, the processing path can always see if the program can be loaded error correction in a timely manner; disadvantage is the need to take up a computer, increasing production costs.