Laser engraving machine maintenance

Laser engraving machine maintenance and maintenance:

1. The Special need to adjust the light intensity should not exceed 20MA, to prevent the laser tube aging rapidly.

2. The mirror on the machine carefully cleaned, it shall be re-dimming road.

3. Do not use poor-quality recycled water. Poor-quality recycled water can seriously affect the laser power and greatly shorten the life of the laser tube, resulting in poor water quality due to user laser tube damage is not covered under warranty. Pure water is recommended.

4. Before each operation, please note that the focus, unfocused seriously affect the engraving results.

5. The third emission mirror and focusing mirror must be removed to clean, clean lens mounting to be reliable, but not too tight, so as not to break the lens.

6. After each job, you should do the cleaning work. Do cleaning work, in case of power failure can slowly nudge the beams and the car, but non-violently and pulled.

7. Before work every boot, must clean the lens once (note: not the second half).

8. Every other week, the machine peripherals (fans, pumps, etc.) to conduct a clean-up.

9. The cooling water is not less than 30 liters, and be sure to submerged submersible pumps.

10. The job, the temperature must be monitored at any time, once the water has a warm feeling, immediately change the water (do not affect the operation of the method is: even a partial hot water into the cold water).