Listen to the sound to identify engraving machine tool wear

Wood engraving machine tool wear, the size of the amount of wear, the most direct way to judge is to listen to the sound, the sound is very heavy or if the cutting shrill scream, indicating the status of the tool is not working properly, then you can carry on a brief analysis, if you exclude the tool quality problems (such as a new knife is not normal sound processing), tool clamping problem (re-tooling fixture sound no improvement), a knife parameters of the problem (cutting parameters correctly, reduce the feed rate, no noticeable sound processing improve), then, it should be judged tool wear, the need to suspend the processing, to replace the engraving machine tool.

In addition, the process can also be run to determine the status engraving machine tool wear, if the process parameters, cutting parameters and other settings are reasonable, the machine processing big shock, buzzing sound, then allow the tool to reach continue to wear state, then we need to replace the engraving machine, even tools.