Main Points Of Regular Maintenance Of CNC Engraving Machine

After understanding some methods of cleaning CNC engraving machine, let us understand the main points of regular maintenance of CNC engraving machine:

1. Remove the X, Y and Z axis protective covers and leather tigers, retract them, and then clean the debris and dirt on the lead screw and guide rail; manually refuel the lead screw and slide rail for 1 minute, then move back and forth a few times to clean Dirty oil squeezed out; repeat this process two to three times. Finally, clean up the waste under the workbench.

2. Push and pull the Z-axis connecting plate by hand to check whether the head screws and Z-axis connecting plate are loose; check whether the screws fixing the drag chain connecting plate and the Z-axis connecting plate are loose.

3. Check whether the wiring of the optical inspection and the travel switch is loose and whether the connection is reliable; whether the position of the optical inspection baffle and the striker of the travel switch has been changed, whether the screw is loose, whether it is scratched by other parts, etc.

4. Check whether the connecting screws of the beam and column are loose.

5. Check whether there is a virus in the control computer, clean it up in time, whether the hard disk sector is damaged, check it in time, whether the fixing screw of the control card is loose and whether the contact with the PCI slot is firm.

6. Check whether the screws on the compression nut, nut seat and the front and rear brackets of the lead screw are loose; check whether the coupling screws are loose. Manually refuel the lead screw and guide rail. During the refueling process, the X, Y and Z axes reciprocate several times in the full stroke, so the lubrication can be evenly attached to the surface of the moving parts.