Note CNC plasma cutting

First, the arc voltage: generally believed that normal power supply voltage is cut output voltage. Plasma arc cutting machine usually has a higher load voltage and the operating voltage, the ionization energy use when high gas such as nitrogen, hydrogen, or air, stable plasma arc voltage required will be higher. When the current is constant, the ability to enhance and improve the cutting arc voltage increase means that the enthalpy values. If the increase in enthalpy while reducing the diameter of the jet and increase the gas flow rate can often get better faster cutting speed and cut quality.

Second, cutting current: it is the most important cutting parameters directly determine the thickness and cutting speed, ie cutting capacity.

Impact: 1, cutting current increases, the arc energy is increased to improve the cutting ability, the cutting speed increases; 2, cutting current increases, increasing the diameter of the arc, the arc such that the cut thicker widened; 3, cutting current is too large heat load increases so that the nozzle, the nozzle prematurely damage, cutting quality naturally decline, can not even be properly cut. So before cutting to the correct selection of cutting current and the corresponding nozzles according to the thickness of the material.