Selection of laser engraving machine supporting cooler

Users in the choice of engraving machine supporting the circulating cooling machine, should take into account several important factors:

1, the application of the laser tube power laser machine.

Laser tube operating temperature is too high will produce irreversible damage, the laser output power is reduced. Long-term work at high temperature laser tube life will be greatly shortened, such as the laser tube power and luminous efficiency greater should be considered a large cooler.

2, the laser's operating ambient temperature.

General cooling machine has low temperature protection function, when the water temperature is below 10 ℃ cooling fan stops working. So important to consider the situation at a high temperature, high temperature working environment should be considered if a large cooler.

3, the laser processing technology for cooling water requirements.

A large cooler in the cooling system of the same heating temperature fluctuation less conducive to the stability of the laser output.