Wood engraving machine for woodworking cutter selection

In the selection of wood engraving machine special cutter when required in accordance with the following:

First, is the nature of the material cut

Wood cutting wood and wood objects are composites. Solid wood can be divided into soft wood, hardwood and modified wood processing and the like; wood composites including plywood, laminated veneer lumber, particleboard, OSB, waferboard, gypsum particleboard, cement particleboard, hardboard, medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard, block board, glued timber and the like. Some wood or wood composite material of the workpiece but also through single-sided or double-sided decorative veneer processing.

Second, the cutting direction

When cutting wood, wood fiber according to the direction of relative blade wood cutting into vertical, horizontal, end to end, and a longitudinal direction, vertical and horizontal and transverse to the cutting end.

Third, the tool rotation direction and the direction of feed

According to the machine direction of rotation and arbor wood workpiece feeding direction, determine the direction of the tool cutting edge inclination.

Fourth, the tool and the workpiece stability

Stability of the tool and the workpiece in the cutting process includes several aspects, workpiece stability refers to the workpiece in machining wood smooth feed without the risk of beating. Measures taken to strengthen the stability of the work to reduce artifacts main focus and increase the contact area.