Advertising Engraving Machine Carving Knives And Uneven Lettering Also Has A Relationship

Advertising engraving machine lettering uneven shades or carved in some places impervious problem, many customers have talked lettering uneven shades or carved in some places impervious problem, the problem is very simple, you can refer to the following method to solve :

1. Buy a new plotter happen engraving tool nose is generally out of tune too much, you want to look at the free end of paper inscribed material thickness, the engraving tool tip and does not extend to a length adjustment equal to the thickness of the material comprising the backing sheet. Adjust knife pressure test engraved, carved through the material after the end of paper revealing no score, as the standard. Pressure is generally recommended that knife around 75-150g (adjust to different materials).

2. carving knives knife protruding nose caused by too long. The right approach: carving knives should be transferred to the extended length of the tip paper thickness 2/3, to ensure greater pressure engraved paper will not break, and then adjust knife pressure, ensure that the paper can be carved through in all positions;

3. Layering has been carved out of a ditch, or a new article posted Debu level pressure, the pressure side of the escarpment resting on the step. Use a long time to check cutting plotter layering is smooth, if there is deep scratches to consider replacement.