Engraving And Milling Machine Is Good, Depending On The Election Right Accessories

Body: This is more critical, the body directly determines the effectiveness and engraving and milling machining accuracy is good or bad. The market's most solid bed should be able to create Yixin machine, and the weight of his machine to be heavier than usual, but not necessarily to say the more weight the better, it is a prerequisite for the rational design, engraving and milling machine, unlike computer gong, do not use a computer gongs thinking engraving and milling machine, so Taiwan is bed machining center in the market to do more popular, but no bed engraving and milling machine with a number of people, not his material is not well, the materials can be said is absolutely OK, but the concept is wrong, engraving and milling machine to do a solid base, but the head must be light, so that a solid base can effectively prevent the high-speed processing of the engraving and milling machine bring shock, light head can arbitrarily control the servo motor can be a very nice gong effects. In addition to the casting material is better, there is a most important point is that those who have contact surfaces must be precise scraping. Grinder grinding face to face, and artificial flowers shovel-point touch. To scraping place include screw seat, column, column base, rail lines. Although there are some manufacturers scraping, but in order to save time scraping will steal workers