Engraving Machine Tool Guide

1.3D chisel, high concentricity, sharp edge, do sophisticated 3D engraving process.

2. The high-density, solid wood edge tooth cutter is recommended.

3. plywood, plywood processing, and recommended the use of double-edged straight groove cutter.

4. The precision machining of small reliefs, round bottom graver recommended.

5. MDF Cutting (ad with a model), recommended the use of a large double-edged spiral cutter chip, which has a high capacity of two flutes, double-edged design, both with good chip removal function, but also to achieve good tool balance, in processing high density, not black, not smoke hat, long life and other characteristics.

6. Aluminum Cutting, recommended the use of special aluminum single blade cutter. Process sticking to the knife speed, high efficiency.

7. On the following burr Cutting, recommended the use of single-blade, double-edged upper and lower cutters.

8. The metal engraving recommended single blade, double-edged knife straight groove flat.