Experience Engraving Machine Properly Protected Work Surface

In the actual engraving process, due to non-standard engraving materials, the usual jig pressed sheet metal, tool point in the method of material surface, it will inevitably hurt the carving table, there are still some places may not cut through the phenomenon; there users can use the sticky foam rubber (about 2MM thick) method, increased engraving depth that can solve this problem, but individual customers feel somewhat cumbersome; we provide a practical method in which, for your reference: directly to the tool set in woodworking engraving machine work table, so that regardless of whether the material standards, always under the knife to the table to ensure that the material had just cut through, they do not substantially damage the table. Specific operation is as follows: When calculating the cutting path, "engraving depth" no longer as the material thickness as the original setting, but set: 0MM, before generating G-code file, the value "carrying knives from the" entry should be : the previously set height + thickness of carrying knives and cutting material; for example: cutting acrylic, original tool set carried on the surface of the material knife height 8MM, and now you want to cut a material thickness of 15MM, then the time "carrying knives the value of distance "will go: 8 + 15 = 23MM; in addition to the remainder of the tool set table in wood carving machine, the rest operate unchanged.