Woodworking Engraving Machine More Powerful

With the continuous development with the engraving machine technology, woodworking engraving machine functions are more refined:

A display processing path and Rendering

1, visual display process, observe the effect of processing, can be processed rationality effects previously investigated, thereby reducing test cutting process, down at the end processing costs.

2, can be evaluated on the processing programs to help you choose the right process.

Second, the breakpoint memory function

When your device suddenly loses power (or cutting knife, or because the material processed materials and half did not finish carving, or some places still require further processing), you can use this function to continue the work of carving.

Third, optimize the arc command

Circle engraved as engraved straight line as fast, very smooth cut surface using a circular command after carving curve even faster and smooth, embossed effect is more good, and engraving process without stopping.